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The Benefits of Hardwood Floors

The Benefits of Hardwood Floors Hardwood flooring is made from native and exotic trees that are ideal for use as hardwood flooring, and are both decorative or functional. Wood is an extremely popular option for flooring due to its durability, easy maintenance, and appearance. While some people may still prefer to use carpet or...

bamboo flooring options by West Coast Floor Co in Vallejo and Napa, CA

Bamboo Flooring Options

The demand for bamboo flooring has steadily increased in recent years and rightly so. Bambo is thought of as a hardwood flooring material because of its hardness, durability, and similarity to many hardwoods. However, bamboo is actually a grass.  The Janka hardness rating of bamboo flooring is much higher than some of the hardier...

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At West Coast Floor Company, we are committed to the health and well-being of our customers and staff and appreciate the seriousness of the situation around COVID-19.

While we remain open and ready to serve our community and customers, we want everyone to feel comfort in knowing that we are adhering to the guidance and recommendations from both our local authorities and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition to our comprehensive safety protocols and best practices, we have implemented additional preventative measures.

These measures include:

  • Limiting the number of guests allowed in our showroom at one time
  • Requesting that customers schedule appointments
  • Practicing social distance guidelines when meeting with clients
  • Staff use of personal protective equipment including but not limited to gloves, face masks, shoe covers, and sanitizing equipment
  • Frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing and avoidance of touching one’s face