Hardwood Floor Refinishing

applying hardwood floor sealer

When floors are refinished they are restored to their former glory and given a new lifeline. Hardwood refinishing should be done following the NWFA sanding procedures to ensure the finished product is high quality and well done. We use a combination of experience, high-quality products, and top-level equipment to ensure our customers get the best refinish possible. We are always looking for new products and equipment to provide a better-finished product. Your floor will be part of your home for years and we want you to enjoy it.

Dust is a big concern for customers and we make dust containment one of our top priorities. With the right equipment, we can truly contain dust and keep it to its absolute minimum. We have the top of the line vacuum system, great equipment, and employees trained in dust control. Our trailer-mounted dust vacuum includes a 27hp water-cooled motor. We have a trailer vacuum system because it’s the best on the market but also because it quickly removed the dust from your home to ensure dust doesn’t linger in your home. Bagging dust in the home leaves you open to increased dust exposure. Our dustless system is a must for homeowners and is truly cutting edge.

Green Finishes

Hardwood flooring changes constantly and in the last 20 years there have been some big improvements. The finishes have been one of the biggest areas of improvement. Water-based finishes eliminate many of the drawbacks of other finishes while still providing durability. High quality water based and UV products have lower V.O.C.’s which reduce smell greatly. V.O.C.s can be harmful to your health and flooring finishes can gas off for 60 days while UV and water-based products generally only gas off for 2-36 hours. The lifespan is also improved and maintenance coats are needed every 5-8 years.

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What to expect from your hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood flooring can take a lot of abuse before it needs to be re-sanded. After years of use and abuse, there will come a time to sand and refinish your floors. Hardwood flooring can be transformed in just a few hours and the transformation is really astounding. When the time comes to refinish you may wonder what the process looks like. The process generally takes two days but the timeline varies based on the specifics of the project.


dustless vacuum system, West Coast Floor Co, Napa and Vallejo, CA

Dust containment is a hot topic for our customers and we do everything we can to properly contain dust. We don’t want to leave your home full of dust when you should be enjoying your floor.

We have invested in dust containment equipment including the top of the line vacuum system. The vacuum system is the best on the market for dust control. Unlike our equipment, traditional sanding machines and vacuums are inside your home and require bags to be removed in your home which introduces unnecessary dust.

We are 99% dust free.