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We are your local hardwood floor expert bringing 40+ years of installation experience to your job.

Hardwood flooring can transform a commercial or residential room and is a timeless addition to your space. Wood flooring is not a trend, and will never go out of style. Hardwood flooring has been a popular choice for hundreds of years because it is durable, beautiful, and of great value when you consider its’ lifeline. There are endless species, stains, and finishes you can use to get the look you want.

When choosing an installer for your hardwood flooring you will want to find a company that adheres to the NWFA policies. The NWFA is designed to protect both the customer and the tradesman. Our team is trained and experienced in both installation and finishing. With countless years of hardwood floor installation experience, you can feel confident in trusting your project with our company. We know a great installation is vital to the lifeline of a floor and we take our job very seriously. We want our customers to have a forever floor and know we can provide that with a good installation.

The installation of hardwood flooring is the most important step. Proper nails and nailing schedules, as well as glue and other products, are needed to create an ideal installation. When the installation is done properly a floor can last for decades or even a century. We cannot control how the floor will be cared for or treated but we can eliminate moving and gapping with a good installation. Your floor should be a part of your home you enjoy and we know it will be worry-free with the right installation technique.

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What to Expect At Your Hardwood Floor Installation

West Coast Floor Company adheres to a strict process and a customer service policy to ensure our customers are happy and know what to expect from us – start to finish. By doing so we are able to ensure your job has the best outcome possible, and that you will be happy with your floor for years to come.

You can expect:

Limitless Options

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There are so many installation options available to give you the desired look that you are looking for, ranging from the conventional to parquet and intricate inlay work.

Generally, there are two major categories of hardwood flooring – exotic and domestic. 

Depending on where you live you may be able to choose exotic woods but generally, domestics woods are a safer and more stable choice. The climate of your location will affect which wood products will do best in your home.

Domestic hardwood tends to be more stable and still offers a lot of choices in terms of species and colors.

In addition, you have the options plank width and length, and top coatings.

When our estimator meets with you he will be able to talk with you about the specifics of your home, lifestyle, and vision, and help you select the option that is the best one for you.