Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Our Hardwood Floor Maintenance System

Hardwood needs some attention and maintenance between refinishes. We have a great hardwood floor system for cleaning, preparing, and re-coating your floors.

When doing a buff and coat process we use a cleaner with a high PH and a mechanical scrubber to prepare and clean the floor. After the floor is clean then the buffer is used on the floor to help get out any small scratches and ensure the new finish can adhere to the floor. Then a new coat of finish is added to the floor. This process can extend the lifespan of your floor and gives you a wonderful cohesive sheen back on your floor.

When adding a new coat every 3-5 years you will significantly increase the lifespan of your floor. Minor scratches completely disappear and the sheen is renewed. The end result of a “buff and coat” is a nice new coat with fewer surface scratches and a renewed level of sheen.


When you walk on and use your floor the sheen will start to dull and some scratches will appear. A hardwood floor maintenance coat is not the same as a refinish but does extend the life of the floor and will help with scratches that have appeared and help even the sheen back out. Maintenance coats take just a few hours and are about ⅓ of the cost of a true refinish.

hardwood floor refinishing


Hardwood flooring can take a lot of abuse before it needs to be re-sanded. After years of use and abuse, it will be time to re-sand your floors. Hardwood flooring can be transformed in just a few hours and the transformation is really astounding. When the time comes to refinish you may wonder what the process looks like. The process generally takes two days but the timeline varies based on the specifics of the project.

Step 1

After we meet with you and discuss any questions or concerns we will start with the maintenance coat process. First, we vacuum and wet tack the floor. Starting with a clean floor is important before using our cleaning machine. We will also use a microfiber mop to ensure the floor is free of debris.

Step 2

After the vacuuming and mopping, we will start with the dirt dragon. The dirt dragon uses mechanical scrubbers and a high pH solution to get the grime off the floor. We use this to ensure no dirt or grime is left under the new finish coat.

Step 3

Once the floor is totally clean it can be buffed. The buffing takes out some of the scratches. The buffing is also important for abrading the floor to give the new coat something to adhere to.

Step 4

Once the floor has been buffed, we are ready for the final step. The final step is to add the new finish coat. The new finish will fill in small scratches and give the floor a new even sheen. The entire process should take between 2 and 4 hours.