What Are the Best Hardwood Floors?

What Are the Best Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Solid Wood Planks

hardwood floor refinishing, West Coast Floor Co, Napa, CASolid wood floors are made from a single piece of wood that has been cut in one piece directly from a tree and then constructed into planks with tongue and groove edges. You can purchase the flooring materials as either pre-finished or unfinished in many American wood species as well as exotic imports.  The investment for hardwood flooring is a little higher due to the cost of installation and the cost of wood. But when you consider its longevity the investment is well worth it and will bring a return on investment.
The finished floor typically consists of long thin strips of wood that have been nailed into a wood subfloor. Since you are dealing with natural wood it can react to fluctuations in humidity, and you may notice expanding and contracting as moisture levels change. Proper installation is crucial to prevent buckling or gapping. Solid wood flooring is ideal for rooms with heavy foot traffic but not recommended in bathrooms or other rooms with high humidity and moisture. Solid wood planks can range in thicknesses from 5/16 to ¾ in and a typical width of 2 ¼ to 5 in.  This type of flooring is installed over a wood subfloor and best suited best for installations at or above ground level. Hardwood floors can be sanded bare and refinished several times to renew their beauty and give it new life. 

Solid Wood Tiles

solid wood tiles for parquet flooringParquet flooring has a timeless beauty all of its own. If parquet flooring is what you desire you would most likely purchase wood tiles.  Wood tiles allow for a wide range of decorative patterns that add another dimension to the room.  Wood tiles are available in a variety of wood species and colors. The most popular parquet flooring options are Herringbone and Chevron but you can literally find lots of ideas on Pinterest.  You really are only limited by your imagination. Most commonly available in square foot tiles with square edges. Typically installation process is to use glue-down installation. Because you are dealing with much smaller pieces the installation process will take a bit longer. For a smooth flooring surface, expert installation is highly recommended.

Bamboo Flooring

horizontal vs vertical bamboo flooring samples | West Coast Floor Compan, Vallejo CA 94590We have definitely seen an upswing in popularity for this type of flooring. And for good reason. Bamboo flooring is very durable and very easy to maintain. What’s more, it also has a lower upfront cost. You can find it in a variety of shades and can be stained easily if needed. There are three styles or looks of bamboo, including vertical, horizontal, and strand woven. To further explain ~

  • Vertical: Here Bamboo stalks are vertically fused, resulting in consistent linear lines for a modern appearance.
  • Horizontal: Alternating bamboo layers are fused together, maintaining growth joints for a natural appearance.
  • Strand woven: Shredded bamboo fibers are compressed into a durable flooring material mimicking hardwood.

And as a popular alternative,

Engineered Hardwood

best hardwood floor option - engineered hardwood flooringThis type of flooring is very attractive to many homeowners due to its lower upfront investment while providing the look of solid hardwood. Added benefits are that this type of flooring can be used in bathrooms and is very easy to clean. Engineered hardwood and can be installed over existing flooring which allows for immediate use. No waiting for the top finish to cure. No glue or nailing is required, planks click together for easy installation. Engineered hardwood is constructed of several thin layers of solid wood fused together with heat, glue, and pressure. Due to the cross-ply construction alternates layers opposite one another. each layer can expand and contract in different directions with little to no visible change. Since only the top layer is visible, less expensive woods make up the core layer. Floors with a thick top layer can be carefully sanded and refinished up to 2 times to remove some scratches. More serious dents, scratches, and damages mean that the floor will have to be replaced. Usually, come pre-finished for easy installation.

So you can see that when it comes to selecting the best hardwood flooring in your home there are things to take into consideration and narrowing it down to the best option for you.  A recommended way to help you with this process is to speak to a hardwood flooring specialist such as West Coast Floor Company.  Schedule an appointment in their Napa showroom to see some wood samples and get recommendations.