How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

You already know that hardwood flooring – apart from being gorgeous – is a good investment that will pay dividends for many years to come. And you also know that even the best cared for floors will show signs of wear and tear over time. That is to be expected no matter how careful you are and how well you take care of your precious floor. Solid hardwood floors in particular deserve extra special attention to keep them looking nice. So, with that said, let’s highlight some of the best ways on how to maintain your hardwood floors. Let’s start with damage prevention measures.

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Leave Your Heels at the Door

leave your heels at the door

Keeping high heels off the floors is a must to maintain hardwood floors. High heels pose a serious threat to your hardwood floor and should be left at the door as they will create some serious dents in the wood.  A dented floor board may need to be replaced. This can be a big project, not to mention expensive. For smaller dents, a steam iron might do the trick. Test the iron in a corner or hidden spot – some finishes can discolor with steam treatment. Then, wet the area and place a wet towel over it. Apply a heated iron to the cloth and wait for a few minutes. The heat should help the compressed fibers to get back in shape.

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Keep Your Pets (and Kids) Checked

cleaning pet urineKeeping your pet’s nails trimmed is paramount to avoid the floors from getting scratched. In addition, it is vital that pet urine be wiped up as quickly as possible to prevent lasting moisture damage.  The same goes for any accidental toddler mishaps too. The 2nd worst thing about hardwood is moisture. Moisture will discolor and warp the wood. No matter what the source, any type of puddles should be mopped up as quickly as possible.

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Do Not Drag Furniture Across the Floor – EVER

Moving furniture is one of the fastest ways to damage perfectly good floors. Pick up furniture instead of pushing or pulling. Otherwise, it might be time to call a refinishing expert or start shopping for rugs to cover those unsightly scratches. Also, add furniture pads to your chairs and table legs and anything else you might move.


With the most essential preventative measures out of the way, let’s talk about regular wood floor maintenance

Choosing the Best Vacuum

hardwood floor vacuum | West Coast Floor Company, Napa, CA 94559Prevention is always better than a cure. One of the most important aspects of keeping wood floors scratch and dent-free is to make sure that there are no particles that can grind into the wood. You can either mop or vacuum the floor. There are lots of options available for you to choose from.  All you need to do is search on Google. We go as far as to say that nothing removes dirt and fine debris from the crevices and cracks of a wood floor like a good vacuum cleaner does.  Most vacuum cleaners now come with 2 settings, one for carpet and one designed for alternate flooring, and do not engage the beater brush. Choosing the right type of vacuum in the right type of setting, however, is important.




Bona hardwood floor cleaner | West Coast Floor Co, Napa, CAIf your floors are really dirty, you might be tempted to use a cleanser, right? Wrong! Avoid harsh cleaning products. They are not good for your wood floor. Instead, first thoroughly sweep or vacuum, then mop with a cleaning product that is formulated for wood floors.  first. Then use a moderate amount of cleanser to wipe them clean. Read the labels to make sure you’re using a product that’s safe for your floor type. There are many products on the market. The one we like is the Bona hardwood floor cleaner.  You can also go here to find more recommendations.

Dull Hardwood Floor Pick-Me-Up

Did you know that you can give a dull-looking hardwood floor a quick pick-me-up?  It’s simple, just boil 5 0r 6 tea bags in 5 cups of water and allow to cool. Apply the tea with a mop to your floors for a temporary shine that’s faster (and cheaper) than refinishing.


hardwood floor sanding | West Coast Floor Company, Vallejo, CA 94590One of the best features of hardwood flooring is that it can be refinished several times during its life-span. Depending on the damages to the floor this could mean a total strip, repair and reapply stain and top coating, or just a simple buff and coat to restore its former glory.  Either way, this is not an option available to other types of flooring.
Hardwood refinishing should be done following the NWFA sanding procedures to ensure the finished product is high quality and well done.
West Coast Floor Company, located in Napa and Vallejo and serving most of the San Francisco Bay Area communities is a hardwood flooring specialist and known for its superior refinishing service. We use a combination of experience, high-quality products, and top-level equipment that includes dust-free sanding to ensure our customers get the best refinish possible.

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Taking Care of Squeaky Floors

If your hardwood floors are squeaking, the problem might be the subfloor and the joists rubbing together. If that’s the case, you’ll want to pull the two together with metal hold-down brackets or drywall screws.  Alternately, call a hardwood floor specialist to take care of your problem.

In closing,

Hardwood floors are a great investment, beautiful, easy to maintain, and can last longer than 100 years.  Just follow the general how to maintain hardwood floor methods outlined above and your floor will keep its beauty for a long time.  If, for some reason you need help with your floor, just give us a call for our Covid-safe service at (707) 297-2476