The 7 benefits of hardwood flooring, West Coast Floor Co, Napa CA 94510

7 Reasons to Invest in Hardwood Flooring

Thinking of making improvements to your home or office? Then you should also seriously consider updating your flooring. Furthermore, you should also seriously consider installing hardwood flooring. Why? Hardwood flooring has many inherent qualities, some you may not even be aware of.  Let me give you 7 very good reasons why you should invest...

bamboo flooring options by West Coast Floor Co in Vallejo and Napa, CA

Bamboo Flooring Options

The demand for bamboo flooring has steadily increased in recent years and rightly so. Bambo is thought of as a hardwood flooring material because of its hardness, durability, and similarity to many hardwoods. However, bamboo is actually a grass.  The Janka hardness rating of bamboo flooring is much higher than some of the hardier...

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