Unusual Hardwood Ideas for Flooring

There are many options when you’re choosing hardwood flooring. Obviously, there are unique types of wood that you can choose from. However, there are also some other options that could be even more unique; they could also save you some money. Here are a few ideas.

Unique Patterns

When you are looking for a unique way to create a custom floor, a unique pattern could be very exciting. Creating a unique pattern is fairly simple. You first need to choose a primary wood for your hardwood floor. This is the wood that is going to make up most of the surface of the floor, lso make sure it’s something you like. Then, you want to choose a complementary wood with which to make the pattern. You should choose one that will stand out well. For example, if you have a lightly-colored white oak floor, you might choose a rich red oak for the pattern.

The pattern can be anything you want. Many people choose to create squares or diamonds on the floor. Essentially, you will lay your white oak boards and then at regular intervals, you’ll lay the red oak boards to create the shapes. That can turn a standard floor into something unique.

Mismatched Boards

Typically, you will attempt to choose a hardwood floor made all of one kind of hardwood that is all the same size and finish. However, a mismatched floor can be very interesting. The mismatched floor helps your home to resemble antique homes and cabins that were made with whatever wood was available. You can choose how mismatched you would like your boards to be.

You could have a base hardwood that makes up most of your floor and then a few boards of a single different wood. Alternately, you could choose to have boards of several different woods. Another option that many people have chosen is a complete mismatch. They choose to use boards of many different kind of woods with no single wood being more prevalent than any other.


The checkerboard floor was popular in the past and has been trending lately. The floor is made of two different kinds of hardwood plank; they could be two different woods, two different sizes, or simply two different colors. They’re generally used in equal sized squares in an alternating pattern. That makes the floor look like a checkers or a chessboard. It’s a classic look that is subtle while still being dynamic.