The Economic Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

West Coast Floor Company hardwood floor installationYou may be wondering about the benefits of hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is considered to be one of the more pricey investments, but is it really? Yes, engineered hardwood and synthetic flooring options tend to be less expensive initially; however, if you consider the longevity, aesthetics, home improvement, and resale value of the hardwood floor you will conclude that it is not. Read on to learn more about the economic benefits of hardwood flooring.

The Cost of Hardwood Planks

The initial investment will be the cost of the hardwood planks. You can buy the hardwood new from a flooring manufacturer directly or a flooring store or Home Improvement chains like Home Depot. Hardwood flooring planks are available in a wide range of wood varieties, stains and finishes, and even unfinished. The most expensive floors are either imported hardwoods that are very rare or reclaimed wood which is now all the rage. For example, the hardwood floor from a 19th-century home or planks made from sunken logs can be very expensive. No matter which hardwood flooring you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to defray some of those costs.

Hardwood Floor Installation

The next expense for your hardwood floors will be the installation. If you are trying to decide between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, you should consider installation costs. Engineered hardwood and some shiplap-style solid hardwood have a tongue and groove construction that allows the planks to snap together. They can also be installed to float on a subfloor; that means you won’t need to nail them down. In those cases, the installation will likely cost less; in fact, many people install the flooring themselves.

So, if you’re looking to save money on installation, you should consider doing it yourself. If you do not have great DIY skills, you still might be able to install engineered hardwood. Furthermore, you should also consider the average time span of the materials and the number of times you’ll need to replace it. Since hardwood lasts for generations, you won’t have to reinstall it in five years as you would some other material. So, the upfront cost might be higher but it won’t recur as often.

Resale Value of Hardwood Flooring

Not only does hardwood flooring improve the value of your home but it also offers you a high resale value. The resale value is two-fold. If you have hardwood in your house, you’ll be able to sell your house for more than you would otherwise. You also would be able to resell your hardwood floor itself which happens more often than you might think.

In Conclusion:

If you are intending to spend some years in your home, value aesthetics and the resale value of your home or planks, hardwood flooring is the way to go. West Coast Floor Company, located in Napa, CA is your go-to resource for hardwood flooring. As a 2nd generation hardwood flooring specialist with a large showroom we can help you design your floor, assist you with the purchase of the materials and installation.