The Benefits of Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding

One of the major drawbacks of having hardwood floors sanded and refinished is the dust the sanding generates….up until now.  Introducing: Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding!

Dust No More

Dust Containing Sanding Equipment, West Coast Floor Vallejo + Napa

Hardwood floor sanding is an extremely messy and dusty process, creating a dust storm of sanded material all over your house. The dust particles would put a fine layer all over your furniture, linger in air ducts, and damage electronic equipment such as stereos, home theatre equipment, computers, etc. Cleaning-up the fine particles can be a nightmare, one that could go on for quite a while. But, it hasn’t got to be this way with the use of dust containment equipment that also includes a top of the line vacuum system.

Key Benefits to Dustless Sanding

  • Higher quality results – eliminates airborne dust that ordinarily would settle back down into the finish.
  • Healthier conditions for all, including pets and small children due to avoiding wood dust which is a known carcinogen.
  • Combustible airborne residue from sanding can ignite from a spark. Therefore, dustless sanding prevents the danger of excessive airborne particles catching fire.
  • No time-consuming hanging of plastic.
  • Sanding can be done over long distances since the vacuum pump and dust drum are placed right in the hallways, the garage or outdoors.
  • No tedious clean-up.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.

Why Settle for Less?

West Coast Floor Company has invested in the top of the line dust containment equipment and vacuum system and mastered the art or virtual dustless hardwood floor sanding. This will provide our customers with the best service possible. And because dustless sanding is so labor-saving, West Coast Floor Company crew can spend more time on the refinishing itself, rather than on cleanup. Don’t settle for the old ways and risk ruining your health and property. Insist on dustless sanding for your next refinish or installation. Contact West Coast Floors today to get your floors finished the right way.