Oakwood Flooring – the Perfect Choice!

Natural wood, including oakwood flooring, makes for a perfect building and finishing material, in both homes and offices. Wood finishing has a natural ambiance that promotes comfort, warmth, and coziness. There are many ways to use wood to finish a home, and one popular way is to use oakwood flooring. Using oak is an excellent choice, as it has a number of attractive features.

Natural Beauty

Oak flooring has a naturally warm and attractive appearance, enhanced by the wood’s oils. The texture and grain of oak are appealing to the eye. And with white oak, many kinds of techniques for coloring the wood can be applied. So, you can finish your home with oak as is, or change its appearance to your liking. That is why white oak is the preferred choice of many homeowners and interior designers.


Oak is more moisture-resistant than most kinds of wood used for finishing rooms. That makes it less prone to decay and rot. It also tends to warp and twist less than other types of wood. Because oak has a prominent grain, small amounts of damage tend to blend with the wood’s pattern.


In addition to solid oak, it also lends itself well to making engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is a composition of thin layer of oak bound to good quality plywood. That makes for advantages in cost, installation, and choices. Engineered wood is less expensive than solid hardwood, easier to install, and is offered in more shades and hues than natural wood colors. So, if you have a specific, and hard to match, requirement for the wood flooring in your home, you may want to try engineered wood.


With oak floors, you have attractive options for the wall colors in the rooms. For red oak, yellow or apricot walls add to the warmth of oak floors. You can also use blue or even pastels. With white oak floors, especially with a bleached finish, walls can be painted charcoal, or conversely, painted to match the floor color. The goal is to either add warmth to the room, or an attractive degree of contrast to the appearance of the warmth from the oak floor.

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