How to Clean a Hardwood Floor

How to clean a hardwood floor is a question we get all the time. We at West Coast Floor Company use and recommend the best products for our customers. And we recommend Bona for most types of floors, including hardwood. Bona brings you consistent performance, and the highest quality the industry has to offer. “Our concern for health and the environment and our exclusive focus is a testament to our dedication. You will see it in the longevity and beauty of your floors. It’s why Bona has been trusted by professionals like us since 1919.” is what their mission statement proclaims.

Why Should I Clean and Maintain My Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors contribute greatly to the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home. But they are also quite an investment. Protecting them, thankfully, is simple. Knowing how to clean a hardwood floor goes a long way. By routinely cleaning, you remove dust and dirt before it scratches and dulls finish, or wears away the floor. Better still, you can now use products that are safe for your family and the environment, and still have beautiful hardwood floors that will last a lifetime.

Why Bona Cleaner?

Bona has been trusted by professionals since 1919. Their cleaners have no dulling residue and are also non-toxic and GREENGUARD certified.

A clean floor is a protected floor. Dirt, dust, pet hair, and other tiny particles can accumulate. This creates a risk of scratches on your floor’s finish. By using a Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad and mop daily, the electrostatic action will lift dirt up off the floor’s surface. It also will significantly reduce allergens in the home.

How Often Should I Clean?

This varies, depending on usage, foot traffic, and the square footage of your wood floors. Kids, pets, and the environment all contribute to wear on your floor. That said, Bona recommends cleaning as often as possible. Keeping your floor free from dirt and dust helps prevents scuffs and scratches. A clean floor is a longer-lasting floor

No doubt, there will come a time when a more serious cleaning is called for. We have a great system for cleaning, preparing and recoating your floors.

When doing a buff and coat process we use a cleaner with a high PH and a mechanical scrubber to prepare and clean the floor. After the floor is clean then the buffer is used on the floor to help get out any small scratches and ensure the new finish can adhere to the floor. Then a new coat of finish is added to the floor. This process can help the lifespan of your floor extend and gives you a wonderful cohesive sheen back on your floor.

When adding a new coat every 3-5 years you will significantly increase the lifespan of your floor. Minor scratches completely disappear and the sheen is renewed. The end result of a buff and coat is a nice new coat with fewer surface scratches and a renewed level of sheen.