5 Best Flooring Options for a Home Gym

Due to COVID exercising in your home has become the norm vs going to the gym or fitness studio. Working out at home is safe, convenient while also saving commuting time.  Most people now prefer to work out at home to streaming yoga videos, take part in virtual personal training sessions, participate in cycling classes, and so much more. But what are the best flooring options for a home gym to get the best workout possible?

No matter what type of at-home fitness you prefer, creating a designated space is vital to success —and it starts with the floor. With that said, let us take a look at the 5 best flooring options for your home gym. Read on to learn what they are and why…

the 5 best home gym flooring optionsThe 5 Best Home Gym Flooring Options

There are several considerations when thinking about the purchase of flooring for your home gym such as the kind of workout you participate in, what type of equipment is being used, the location of the home gym, and of course the budget. That said, the most popular workout room flooring options include carpet tiles, rubber tiles, cork,  linoleum, and luxury vinyl.

1) Carpet Tiles

Easy to install and they happen to be a prime pick for home gyms. The pieces usually have a peel-off adhesive backing, so all you have to do is stick them to your subfloor. Best of all, you can just replace a single tile instead of your entire floor in the event of a tear or stain. We usually recommend a low-pile weave for optimal traction. You might also want to place a carpet pad underneath for better shock absorption and enhanced overall comfort.

2) Rubber Tiles

You might also look at rubber tiles which are also super easy to install. No glue, nails, or carpentry skills are required as the interlocking pieces snap together. Rubber Tiles can turn a rock-hard concrete basement or garage into a comfortable exercise room with shock-absorbing floors. Not only that, but the floor-covering material is notably durable, insulating, and resistant to dents.

3) Cork

One of our favorites. Cork flooring is ideal for home gyms and here is why. This earth-sourced material is resistant to punctures and dents, reforming after heavy or sharp objects make their mark. In other words, dropping a 10-pound dumbbell or placing a sizable stationary bike on your floor won’t damage it.

It’s also relatively soft with excellent shock absorbency—qualities you want when doing burpees, jumping jacks, and other plyometric moves. Cork is naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and bacteria growth. Plus, it provides ample sound absorption, so you can feel free to crank up your favorite workout tunes.

4) Luxury Vinyl

LVT (luxury vinyl tile) has easily become one of the most in-demand flooring options, but is it good for gyms? We say yes! This synthetic material is a great option for your at-home workout zone. This material is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and very durable but does not offer much in way of shock absorption. (You can always supplement with interlocking foam tiles to place on top if you want a little more cushioning.)

Because Luxury vinyl is typically waterproof it is ideal for basements and other moisture-prone areas. Plus, you can get LVT that mimics natural stone tile or hardwood.

5 Best Flooring Options for a Home Gym - LVT

5) Linoleum

Made of linseed oil, wood flour, and rosins, linoleum is a natural floor covering option. The eco-friendly material is a top choice for home gyms, as it’s durable and relatively soft underfoot.

Linoleum is also naturally antimicrobial, meaning it won’t trap sweaty odors and bacteria. The hygienic flooring product is low-maintenance, too, thanks to a protective coating that repels dirt, scuffs, and residue buildup.


Where to Buy Flooring for Your Home Gym Near You.

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