Concord Hardwood Refinishing & Installation

West Coast Floor Company has three decades of experience installing and refinishing hardwood floors in Concord! Whether you are installing hardwood for the first time or refinishing old flooring, West Coast Floor Company is the team to call in Concord. Nothing adds warmth and charm like genuine hardwood floors! Our team of seasoned experts handles custom hardwood installation and refinishing of all types of hardwood. Hardwood refinishing floors brings new life into a tired or dated space. When properly done, refinished floors will last for years with just a little regular maintenance. When you are ready to expand, install or simply renew the look of your flooring, we are here to help.

What to Expect from Refinishing Your Concord Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is well known to be tough and resilient. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get some occasional attention to look its best! Even the best finishes will wear over time and need to be refinished. Once your floors have been sanded, we’ll apply a new finish that will last for years, giving your floor the “brand-new” look you remember. When the team from West Coast Floor Company refinishes your floor, you’ll notice that all minor scratches and likely all major scratches will be removed through the sanding process. Any built up dirt and grime will also be removed, leaving a clean, fresh surface to enjoy!

Time for New Flooring? Choose Real Hardwood

When you consider the different floor types available, you should ask yourself “why choose hardwood?” There are many reasons! Consider the number of “old houses” in your area that still have hardwood floors that were installed before your parents were born. Home builders have used wood over the years because it’s durable and it looks great for a long time. The company you choose to install your new hardwood floor matters! If you are considering new hardwood flooring in Concord, choose the team with decades of experience installing hardwood in homes all around the area. That team is West Coast Floor Company! We are experienced in all installation types and ready to put our expertise to work for you. Call now for your free consultation 707-864-2199.

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