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The Hottest Trends in Flooring

by birgit
By Mary Umberger In the flooring world, carpeting is getting softer. Wood is getting more roughed-up. And vinyl is getting more luxurious. Read on to learn about the hottest trends in flooring. Yes, you read that right. “Luxury vinyl” isn’t a contradiction in terms — it’s the phrase du jour among those who pay close attention to the materials home buyers are eager to walk on. “It’s the fastest-growing portion of the industry in the past two years,” according to Scott Humphrey, chief executive of the World Floor Covering Association, a trade group based in Anaheim, Calif., which says this flooring category […]

Refinishing vs Installing New Hardwood Floors

by birgit
Over time, even the most beautiful hardwood floor will show signs of wear and tear and it’s time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of refinishing vs. installing new hardwood floors.  Apart from its beauty, the best feature of hardwood floors is that they can be refinished, however, it’s not always the most cost-effective option. Before considering our options, it’s always good to Know What Kind of Floor You Have Is it solid hardwood or engineered? To find out open a floor vent and take a look at a cut edge of the flooring material or remove a plank from the […]

How To Get The Best Services Form A Flooring Company

by birgit
Selecting the right floor for your home is very important. Several aspects will need to be considered such as budget, material selection, choosing the right installer, floor longevity, and cleaning — just to name the most important ones. It’s up to you to decide how you want your home to look, whether you want it to look elegant, modern, or rustic. To help you with all of this, our design consultant at West Coast Floor Company in Vallejo or Napa is available to help you with material selection, the design and will give you valuable advice.   Here are some […]

What Are Hardwood Floor Medallions?

A quick perusal of social media or interior design websites will reveal that a lot of designers are showing off hardwood flooring medallions they’ve designed. Put simply, a medallion is a somewhat circular design in a hardwood floor. Typically, they’re octagons or hexagons, so they still have straight lines instead of actual curves. They’re flush with the rest of hte floor and basically just add an interesting design element. There are two kinds of hardwood floor medallions; some are premade and others are designed. Premade Hardwood Floor Medallions A premade medallion is a design made of hardwood that is supposed […]

Homeowners Are Rediscovering Hardwood Stairs

For many reasons, many homeowners have hardwood stairs in their homes that are made of the same material as their hardwood floors, but they’re covered up. There was a trend in the 1980s and 1990s to carpet everything. So, many homeowners put down matting and covered their hardwood stairs. Also, many chose to put carpet or tile over their stairs for the benefit of their children or pets. Whatever the case may be, many homeowners are rediscovering beautiful hardwood to match their floors. If you don’t have hardwood stairs, you should consider making the upgrade. Hardwood Stairs You have several […]

Do Hardwood Flooring Lengths Really Matter?

by birgit
If you are starting the process of looking for new wood flooring you may have some questions about what elements of variables really matter. In reality there are a lot of different elements to take into consideration and many of them are really important to ensuring you will love your need wood floor. Some of the elements you are selecting when getting a new hardwood floor will affect how your family enjoys and uses your floor. Species and finish are some of the elements that affect how the floor wears and withstands damage. These elements are generally the first to […]

The Barn Wood Flooring Trend

by birgit
Reclaimed wood has become a very popular trend for flooring, cabinetry, and much more. In the world of reclaimed wood, barn wood is something of a holy grail. Barn wood is the gold standard. That’s because barns were typically made of old growth hardwood and exposed to the elements for years. That exposure to the elements led to incredible amounts of weathering. Since they’re made from old growth wood, and oftentimes heartwood, they are dense and durable. The weathering makes barn wood unique. Furthermore, the exposure to the elements led to the wood drying out and maturing. Flooring There are […]

Where to Find Reclaimed Wood for Hardwood Floors

by birgit
There are a few different places where you can find reclaimed wood for your hardwood floor. Reclaimed wood, also known as recycled wood, is wood that was used for a previous purpose. It is then processed again and used for flooring in a modern home. It could simply be an old floor that you’ve moved from its original spot to your current location; alternately, it could be antique wood that needs to be treated and processed completely to be appropriate planks. Here are a few places to find reclaimed wood. Old Houses The first place you can find great reclaimed […]

How to Clean a Hardwood Floor

by birgit
How To Clean Hardwood? We at West Coast Floor Company use and recommend the best products for our customers. Bona brings you innovation, consistent performance, and the highest quality the industry has to offer. Our concern for health and the environment and our exclusive focus are a testament to our dedication. You will see it in the longevity and beauty of your floors. It’s why Bona has been trusted by professionals like us since 1919. Why Should I Clean and Maintain My Hardwood Floors? Hardwood floors contribute greatly to the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home. But they are also […]

Why Hardwood?

by birgit
Hardwood is Safe & Clean Hardwood doesn’t hide harmful particulate matter, making for a healthier, safer living environment, especially for allergy sufferers. Generally, hardwood floors cost more than carpeted floors, but they also require less maintenance, last longer and can be“repaired” (instead of replaced). Especially in older homes, hardwood floors can be draftier and colder. But a well-selected area rug typically remedies this problem. Low Maintenance Comparatively, hardwood floors require minimal maintenance – in terms of both effort and equipment. Consider, simply, the difference in price between a mop and vacuum. Hardwood floors are also much more resistant to spills […]