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New Flooring – DIY or Go with a Pro?

by birgit
If only life were more like the popular home make-over shows.  Floors would be installed and rooms repainted in just an hour. Everything would go as planned, easy-peasy. No mishaps, no repeated runs to the hardware store, the new floor would end up looking great. Alas, reality is much different – especially when it comes to installing hardwood floors. If you’re ready for  new flooring, here are some considerations to help you decide if DIY or hiring a pro is the way to go. What type of floor should you choose? There are many flooring types to choose from. Laminate […]

What Are Hardwood Floor Medallions?

A quick perusal of social media or interior design websites will reveal that a lot of designers are showing off hardwood flooring medallions they’ve designed. Put simply, a medallion is a somewhat circular design in a hardwood floor. Typically, they’re octagons or hexagons, so they still have straight lines instead of actual curves. They’re flush with the rest of hte floor and basically just add an interesting design element. There are two kinds of hardwood floor medallions; some are premade and others are designed. Premade Hardwood Floor Medallions A premade medallion is a design made of hardwood that is supposed […]

Hardwood and Pets

Many customers come to us with concerns about their dogs and their floors. You may have been told that hardwood and pets don’t mix. While some species and finishes may not be ideal with dogs but there are some great options for hardwood flooring and dogs. First, look at the Janka Hardness Scale and look for a higher Janka rating. The higher the rating the more resistance to dents and wear. More resilient woods are a great option for homes with pets. Oak is one of the harder species that is commonly used in the US. Softer species like American […]

Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand scraped wood flooring has a lot of benefits.It adds style and character to the flooring while adding function as well. Handscraped flooring can create a sense of warmth to your home. Hand scraped floors were the only flooring choice for a long period of time but have become a popular choice again especially for people hoping to give their home a rustic or craftsman look to their home. You may be curious if hand scraped hardwood is a fad that will only last a few years and if it has any benefits over other flooring types. Hand scraped flooring […]

How to Care for Hardwood Flooring

Caring for your hardwood floors is very important. If you have recently had hardwood put in, refinished or moved to a home with existing hardwood you may be wondering what the best way to care for your floors is. There are a lot of different things you can do for your floors, prevention is one of the best things for wood floor. If you want to keep your floors looking good for years to come there are some important steps to take. Hardwood floors are generally revered as delicate but they are surprisingly resistant to damage. The environment of your […]

The Economic Considerations of Hardwood Flooring

It’s no secret that hardwood is one of the more expensive flooring options. The synthetic flooring options are often less expensive; however, the economics are more complex than you might think. There are considerations about the cost of the materials themselves, the cost of installation, and the resale value. The Cost of Materials The first expense will be the cost of the flooring itself. You can buy the hardwood new from a supplier. This will likely be about the middle of the cost range. New flooring planks will give you the most versatility and the most opportunity. You’ll be able […]

How to Pet-Proof Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are incredible, timeless additions that can make your home look great. They’re warm and inviting and help to tie a room together. Pets are also great additions to a household. They bring life and excitement to a room. Hardwood floors and pets, however, aren’t the best combination. Hardwood floors are slick and prone to scratches. Pets, especially dogs, don’t have the best traction on slick floors. Also, they have claws that can scratch up your floor. Your hardwood floor might seem incredibly hard, but dog claws are usually harder. Here are some things you can do to pet-proof […]

Puzzle Piece Floors Are Rising in Popularity

Hardwood floors are made of dozens of different hardwood planks. Engineered hardwood, shiplap, and some types of solid hardwood are even made of planks with tongue and groove connections. One side of a plank will have a tongue that sticks out. The other will have a groove in which it fits. You can then put them together like puzzle pieces. Well, many noticed that they fit together like puzzle pieces and decided to take it one step further. A new trend is emerging in hardwood flooring; planks of hardwood are being cut in the shape of puzzle pieces. They’re then […]

Why Aren’t Hardwood Planks Longer and Wider?

If you have a hardwood floor or are shopping for one, you’ve likely noticed a few things about them. One of the things that is rarely questioned is the size of hardwood planks. Standard planks are about four inches wide. Wide planks are about six inches wide. They’re all typically a foot or two in length. That means you’ll spend all day installing a hardwood floor. Wouldn’t it be much easier and simpler to just use wide boards that are longer? If each board was twelve inches wide and ten feet long, you could floor a typical room with ten […]

Top-Nailed Hardwood Flooring is Making a Comeback

The most common type of hardwood flooring now involves tongue and groove boards. That means each board has a projection on one side and in indentation on the other side. The boards fit together to form very tight seams. The hardwood planks are affixed to the floor by nailing into the groove at a forty-five degree angle. This Is called blind nailing the floor. Since the nail goes into the groove, it never actually protrudes from the surface of the wood. That means that you never see the nails once the floor is installed, hence the name. However, tongue and […]