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Puzzle Piece Floors Are Rising in Popularity

by birgit
Here is an interesting concept we wanted to share with you: puzzle piece floors. What are they? They are hardwood floors that are made of dozens of different hardwood planks. Engineered hardwood, shiplap, and some types of solid hardwood that are made of planks with tongue and groove connections. One side of a plank will have a tongue that sticks out. The other will have a groove in which it fits. You can then put them together like puzzle pieces. Well, people noticed that they fit together like puzzle pieces and decided to take it one step further. And voila, […]
longer and wider hardwood planks

Why Aren’t Hardwood Planks Longer and Wider?

by birgit
If you have a hardwood floor or are shopping for one, you’ve likely noticed a few things about them. You may have noticed the trend toward longer and wider hardwood planks. And you may have a few questions. One of the questions rarely asked is the size of hardwood planks. Standard planks are about four inches wide. Wide planks are about six all the way up to eleven inches wide. They’re all typically a foot or two in length. That means you’ll spend all day installing a hardwood floor. Wouldn’t it be much easier and simpler to just use wide […]
top nailed hardwood flooring

Are Top-Nailed Floors Making a Comeback?

by birgit
The answer is yes! Top-nailed floors are making a come-back and are very much in vogue. When hardwood floors were being installed originally the planks of hardwood were put over a dirt floor. Foundations and subfloors came much later and installers began to lay hardwood floors to a subfloor. This was done by hammering nails rounded head nails through the top of the wood and into the subfloor. This process is referred to as top nailing. This type of installation can be still found in Antique homes. Later came the tongue and groove method of hardwood flooring. Each plank has […]
odd-lot hardwood flooring by West Coast Floor Co, Napa and Vallejo

The Benefits of Odd Lot Hardwood Flooring

by birgit
When it comes to buying hardwood flooring, many homeowners find the cost too steep. Others have the money for hardwood flooring but they have ideas about painting or altering the flooring to suit their style. For others, hardwood is simply too expensive to paint or alter in some significant way. However, that’s not always the case. If you choose odd lot hardwood flooring, you could get a great hardwood floor for a very bargain price. What are Odd Lots? When hardwood flooring planks are processed, not every plank works out the way it was intended. Sometimes, the wood is cut […]

Home Designers Are Using Bowling Alley Hardwood for Flooring

Home designers and resourceful DIYers have been growing more creative in sourcing their wood for custom hardwood floors. Many of the traditional sources for reclaimed wood emphasize the weathering and aging of the wood. However, many designers have moved towards different sources for their used wood. One source that has been growing in popularity recently has been bowling alley wood. The arrows on the lanes are incredibly iconic. Also, the wood is very resilient. If you can find some bowling alley wood, you could create a great hardwood floor. Bowling Alley Wood A bowling alley lane is made of two […]

Unusual Hardwood Ideas for Flooring

by birgit
There are many options when you’re choosing hardwood flooring. Obviously, there are unique types of wood that you can choose from. However, there are also some other options that could be even more unique; they could also save you some money. Here are a few ideas. Unique Patterns When you are looking for a unique way to create a custom floor, a unique pattern could be very exciting. Creating a unique pattern is fairly simple. You first need to choose a primary wood for your hardwood floor. This is the wood that is going to make up most of the […]

Why It’s So Important to Take a Hardwood Flooring Sample

by birgit
When you are shopping for hardwood flooring, you need to avail yourself of the hardwood flooring samples. In many places, the sample will even be free. Typically, the sample is a piece of a hardwood plank; it could even be an entire hardwood plank. You should take the plank home with you and recreate all of the common conditions in your home. That means opening the blinds, turning on the lights, smudging it with a thumbprint, and so on. Here is why. Light Temperature Light temperature, also called color temperature, is a scientific term that involves measuring the color of […]

How Is Hardwood Flooring Hardness Tested?

by birgit
The hardness of your wood floor is determined primarily by the hardness of the species of wood you chose. That hardness is rated on the janka hardness scale. It measures somewhere between 100 and 4000, with 4000 being the hardest. There are several imported woods that come close to being around 4000 but they’re almost impossibly difficult to work with. They’re very dense and hard or very brittle. They don’t make the best floors. Domestic woods such as red and white oak typically rank about 2,000 on the hardness scale. How Is it Tested? In 1906, an Austrian researcher named […]

Red Oak or White Oak Hardwood Flooring: Which is Superior?

by birgit
In the world of hardwood flooring,domestic woods are going to be more widely available and more affordable than imported woods. They are also not as hard as imported woods. However, a good quality domestic wood will stand up to any high heels or pet claws that a family can throw at it. One of the most popular species of domestic wood is oak. There are two basic kinds of oak, red oak and white oak. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Red oak is popular if you plan to sand and refinish. White oak is popular for prefinished hardwood flooring. […]

Can You Install Hardwood in the Kitchen?

by birgit
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Hardwood flooring suppliers and installers are often asked what alternative to hardwood can be used for the kitchen. There are a lot of conflicting ideas about whether hardwood can be installed in the kitchen at all. Well, it can be but you need to be aware of the concerns. Many people believe hardwood flooring cannot be installed in the kitchen because hardwood flooring is susceptible to heat and moisture. The kitchen, obviously, is very vulnerable to spills and drastic changes in temperature. That means that you’ll need to be able to account for that. Engineered Hardwood or Solid? Since heat […]