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Should You Use Engineered Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?

by birgit
This is such a great question! And we say yes! We love using hardwood, specifically engineered hardwood flooring, in our bathrooms and have done this in two of our homes now. We can’t speak first hand on solid hardwood in a bathroom since we don’t have experience with that. If you’re not familiar with engineered hardwood, the bottom layer is constructed of multiple layers of wood, each positioned in a different direction – much like plywood. Then there is a layer of actual hardwood on top. This is the part that you see. This type of construction makes it very […]
6 of the best flooring options for your home | West Coast Floor Co, Napa and Vallejo, CA

6 Of the Best Flooring Options For Your Home

by birgit
Are you looking to put new flooring in your home, but aren’t sure which are the best flooring options to choose? When it comes to choosing new flooring, making a decision can be overwhelming. After all, there are so many flooring options out there, how are you supposed to know which one is best for your home? If you’re looking for the best flooring options that are both durable and stylish, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the most durable flooring options for your home. 1. Hardwood Hardwood flooring isn’t just popular because of how […]
solid vs engineered hardwood flooring | West Coast Floor Company | Napa and Vallejo, CA

Solid vs Engineered Hardwood?

by birgit
Solid vs Engineered Hardwood Flooring? So you’ve decided to install some hardwood flooring.  Congratulations! You’ve chosen a durable, good looking and timeless flooring material that will serve you well for decades to come.  But unfortunately, your decision-making process is far from over. You’ll still have to make some choices about the type of hardwood you ultimately install.  To guide you through this process we’ve come up with an article on how to choose hardwood flooring. Solid Versus Engineered Hardwood The main difference between solid and engineered hardwood is that solid planks are made of a single piece of wood whereas engineered […]

Is Pinewood Flooring For You?

by birgit
Pinewood is a popular and classic flooring product. It’s affordable, durable, and can be readily finished according to your preferences. However, pine does not appeal to everybody and isn’t always a good fit for every situation. Read on to learn about the benefits of pinewood flooring… Pros: Attractive Floor that Can Last For the Lifetime of Your Home Pinewood flooring is usually selected for its cozy look and the ability to take on years of use, pine has the additional benefits of being more affordable and environment-friendly. Pleasing Appearance Pine can be purchased in varying shades of color from almost […]

2020 Wood Flooring Color Trends

by birgit
Not a day goes by where we are not asked about the latest color trends in wood flooring. To answer the question for the 2020 wood flooring color trends, allow us to share an article with you we found here. “From traditional browns to fashion-forward grays and newer, warmer tones, those looking for a wood or wood-look flooring have an exceptional color palette to choose from. And no matter what your favorite shade of flooring may be, you are guaranteed a timeless, natural look and feel that will uplift a room just how you want it to. Whether you want […]
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The Benefits of Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding

by birgit
One of the major drawbacks of having hardwood floors sanded and refinished is the dust the sanding generates….up until now. Dust No More Hardwood floor sanding is an extremely dusty process, creating a dust storm of sanded material all over your house. The dust particles would put a fine layer all over your furniture, linger in air ducts and damage electronic equipment such as stereos, home theatre equipment, computers, etc. Cleaning-up the fine particles can be a nightmare, one that could go on for quite a while. But, it hasn’t got to be this way with the use of dust […]

Oakwood Flooring – the Perfect Choice!

by birgit
Natural wood, including oakwood flooring, makes for a perfect building and finishing material, in both homes and offices. Wood finishing has a natural ambiance that promotes comfort, warmth, and coziness. There are many ways to use wood to finish a home, and one popular way is to use oakwood flooring. Using oak is an excellent choice, as it has a number of attractive features. Natural Beauty Oak flooring has a naturally warm and attractive appearance, enhanced by the wood’s oils. The texture and grain of oak are appealing to the eye. And with white oak, many kinds of techniques for […]

The Hottest Trends in Flooring

by birgit
By Mary Umberger In the flooring world, carpeting is getting softer. Wood is getting more roughed-up. And vinyl is getting more luxurious. Read on to learn about the hottest trends in flooring. Yes, you read that right. “Luxury vinyl” isn’t a contradiction in terms — it’s the phrase du jour among those who pay close attention to the materials home buyers are eager to walk on. “It’s the fastest-growing portion of the industry in the past two years,” according to Scott Humphrey, chief executive of the World Floor Covering Association, a trade group based in Anaheim, Calif., which says this flooring category […]
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New Flooring – DIY or Go with a Pro?

by birgit
If only life were more like the popular home make-over shows.  Floors would be installed and rooms repainted in just an hour. Everything would go as planned, easy-peasy. No mishaps, no repeated runs to the hardware store, the new floor would end up looking great. Alas, reality is much different – especially when it comes to installing hardwood floors. If you’re ready for  new flooring, here are some considerations to help you decide if DIY or hiring a pro is the way to go. What type of floor should you choose? There are many flooring types to choose from. Laminate […]
luxury vinyl flooring, West Coast Floor Co, Napa and Vallejo, CA

Is Luxury Vinyl the Right Flooring For You?

by birgit
One of the biggest decisions when refurbishing your home, or decorating a new home, is what flooring to choose. Flooring needs to be practical and meet your family’s needs. It has to be hard-wearing, attractive, and blend in with the style of your home decor. This is why many homeowners opt for luxury vinyl. Below we discuss the benefits of luxury vinyl and how you will know if it is the right flooring choice for you. Range of styles The most important thing to know is that luxury vinyl is very different to the vinyl flooring of fifty years ago. […]